Collecting & Cleaning Bottles

Before you put a batch of hard cider down, you want to start collecting your bottles that you will eventually put that hard cider into. There are a couple of different options for this. You could purchase bottles from a home brew store. You have the option of plastic bottles or glass bottles. Generally speaking, the price is about $0.50 for a brand new, clean, no-label glass bottle. The second option is to just collect glass bottles. Ask friends! Ask family! Do some drinking yourself! Just be sure that you collect bottles with a round lip – NO screw-top bottles. The kind of bottle you need a cap remover to open.  Just make sure you rinse out any used bottles with hot water and dry it out. Also, you can look for bottles that have a swing top instead of a cap on top. For example, Grolsch-brand beer comes in a bottle with a wire swing top and a ceramic cap with a rubber gasket around the top. Those are extremely convenient for bottling because you don’t have to worry about a capper. As soon as you put the cider in there, you can just close the top down on it. That’s very good if you’re going to carbonate cider because it’s very strong and the cap won’t come off even with highly carbonated cider. So get started and throw a party to empty out some bottles!

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